Problem — 'Epson drivers responding slowly on MS Windows7 OS' solved 1

We have a number of clients running Microsoft Windows7 OS complaining that their Epson printer drivers are responding very slowly…

Now after working on this problem for what seemed like weeks—downloading drivers, firmware and every thing else you can think of—the problem seems to be a corrupt file that should be a few Kb rather than a 30 odd Mb.

Go toC:Program dataEpsonPrinter and delete the file EPAUDS01.AUD
(don’t worry, it will automatically create another file to replace it)

Shut down the computer, then restart and open a program you were having a problem printing with. Attempt to print as normal. If it still lags, Close out of that Application and then reopen it again.

You should now be up and running 🙂

Its worked on three problem computers now.
So good luck and happy printing.

One other point. If you can’t find the files in question, they may be hidden system files. Here are the instructions to make them visible…

How To Show Hidden Files in Windows 7

* Click the Start button
* Open Control Panel
* Then go to Folder Options
* Click the View tab
* Check “Hidden files and folders: Show all files and folders”
* Uncheck “Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)”
* Click “Apply” and then “OK”

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  1. This problem on my Windows 7 system caused my Epson 3800 to be soooo slow – the printer would take 5 minutes to respond to every command so that a print might take 20 minutes to set up – the Program Data folder was hidden, but Ben (Team Digital) fixed the problem (remotely) by un-hiding the folder, deleting the appropriate file which was 58.1Mb (instead of about 2kb). The problem was resolved on restarting the computer. Dont know why this file EPAUDS01.AUD was corrupted, but I presume there is a conflict with one of the many Windows 7 updates that arrive from time to time, as the printer was working fine up to a few months ago.

    Thanks Ben, I am back in the printing business!

    Mike Donaldson

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