Every studio needs one.

BS400Prolux Portable Boom 

We’ve been selling this amazing studio boom for some time now. Its one of the best priced booms on the market. And is compact and light enough to use on location as well. And its only $189.00 inc gst 

Comes complete with 2.9m Light Stand, 2.2m boom arm, water bottle weight bag and carry bag. This kit is ideal for lighting a model from above or to create more freedom of action for the photo or videographer. The arm can be used universally. With the metal tilting clamp it can be placed on top of the supplied stand. The water bag acts as counterweight and is hung on the boom arm with a hook.

A double spigot is supplied with a thread of 1/4″ and 3/8″. This allows you to mount almost all lamps and accessories with a standard spigot connection on this robust light stand. The spigot can be inserted from the side and also in the front of the boom arm.


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