Epson's New V800 and a new Seminar

We’ve been using and selling the Epson Perfection V700 Photo for some time now (since 2007). And now Epson have released the new Epson Perfection V800 Photo an update for the much loved V700. The main difference between the new V800 and the V700 is two main features.


The V800 now has a new light source White LED, IR LED with ReadyScan LED Technology which gives us three advantages over the V700.
No warm up time at start up.
Faster Scan Times
More constant light source. Meaning after prolonged use the the new light source won’t dim. Unlike the the V700 White cold cathode fluorescent lamp IR LED.

The next big improvement is the film holder. The Epson Perfection V800 Photo has redesigned plastic holders for all sizes of film, and all holders now include an anti-Newton ring plate to help prevent film sagging in the mount. This should help you achieve sharper images as the film will be held flat. Along with that there one down side though. The new 35mm neg holder has gone from 4 strips to 3 strips, but I guess we can live with that considering the advantages the V800 gives us.


We believe this is going to be a real winner for Epson, improving on what is the class leading scanner in the V700.

We are also delighted to announce that we are launching a new seminar “Getting the most out of your Epson scanner”. Covering off on all aspects of scanning.
So if you shoot film and need to digitize that film or have a shoe box of old photos and films, that are slowly rotting this scanner and seminar is for you.

Here some of the feature from the Epson Perfection V800 Photo.

  • Precise Colour and Detail – get extraordinary scans with state-of-the-art 6400 dpi optical resolution
  • Remarkable tonal range and shadow detail – 4.0 Dmax for smooth graduations and fine shadow detail
  • Epson’s exclusive Dual Lens System – automatically selects from two lenses for optimum results based on the media being scanned
  • Automatically remove dust and scratches – Digital ICE® Technologies remove many surface defects from film and prints to minimise costly retouching
  • ReadyScan® LED light source – for fast scans with no warmup time required
  • Batch scanning – digitise multiple slides, negatives, medium-and large format film with included film holders
  • Do more with your film and photos – SilverFast® SE software included for added versatility and control
  • Precision film scanning – includes one set of anti-Newton ring film
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