Canon 1DX MKII

Our thanks go to Justin Griffiths for taking us through some amazing footage he produced on the Canon 1DX MKII. And going the tech spec on the video side. Also Rick Syme who took us to the beach for his presentation. Very early morning shoot that showed exactly what the camera can do. And a special thanks to Sheryl from Canon for giving us access to the camera to produce these great video’s and images.

What did we learn from shooting with the new Canon 1DX MkII lots. Let’s start at by saying the current 1DX is excellent. And it was hard to see how its could be improved on to much.

We understand that the video side of the camera has improved dramatically. Due the two cameras being rolled into one being the 1DX and 1DC. 4k but that just the start. Video blurb.

Cfast card which writes up to 440mb/s a absolute must for 4K video. It also has a CF slot which we used for the HD video.

The focus was superb the camera locked onto a subject and kept the focus no matter what the lighting conditions or how fast the subject was moving. Bearing in mind, we are shooting a model nothing that was moving too fast.

One thing that our videographer wanted to add to the 1DX MkII was the C-Log, which we are hoping could added to the full production model.

Now on the still side of things, it is considerably better than the 1DX, not saying you should get rid of your existing 1DX because it is still an amazing work horse. But its not a beast and that what both of our Testers described it as.

The things that stood out for us was the focus and high ISO performance. During the shoot we did with Rick Syme we started shooting 5.00am very little light and yet virtually every file had pulled focus. Something else that we found very useful was the fact that all 61 points can focus at max aperture of F8. We were also working at the extremes of high ISO. 12800 to 25600. And we would have to say the noise that appeared on the files at 12800 were nothing short of stunning. So little noise even in the shadows. We would be confident to say that it’s at least 2 shorts better that 1DX or for that matter other competitors. Meaning its looked like 1600 or 3200 iso.

The other reason that we call it a beast is it FPS and buffer. And 14fps with an incredible 170 full frame raw burst. We were using Sandisk Extreme 120mb/s card and never did we run out of buffer full stop.

While we could publish any of the files due to the fact it was a preproduction model. You can still view the printed images a Team.

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