Splat Flexible Tripod @ Team Digital

Splat! It sounds like something that might hit your windscreen, but it’s actually one of the handiest little gadgets on the market. We had a chance to play with the Splat a couple of weeks ago and we loved it. The Splat is a flexible tripod that adjusts to any surface and can hold compact & DSLR cameras or flashes. It has three extremely durable legs that can be contorted and adjusted to many different positions.



While these types of flexible tripods have been around for some time, we think the Splat is the best of them. It’s really flexible and doesn’t take up much space at all when packed into a bag or wrapped around the camera as an extra layer of protection when not in use.

The Splat tripod can easily be wrapped around branches, poles, and hung from vertical objects, giving you more options for alternative camera angles. It’s also great for holding your speedlite flashes.

And at under $50, it’s a great addition to anyones camera bag.

Here’s video review on Splat:

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